Rusiate Lali

Climate Change in The Pacific (London)

Exhibition Launch (13 September - 20 November 2017)

15 September 2017 – The London Pacific Fashion Collective – is being launched with:

Opening Art Exhibition – Climate Change in The Pacific by Fiji’s Top Artists Rusiate Lali

Hot on the heels of the 2016 Fashion Show by The London Pacific Fashion Collective, with the Lalini Collection, Rusiate Lali is opening this year’s London Pacific fashion show with an exhibition called Climate Change in The Pacific. 

Then, in conjuction with the UN Climate Change Conference in Germany presided over by the Government of Fiji in November, 2017 Rusiate’s works will be showcased at the Fiji High Commission in London.

Leading up to the London show, Gallery Gondwana proudly presented a sneak preview of 4 major pieces plus other artworks on the 7 July 2017 in Alice Springs. This was met with great acclaim. 

In a number of conversations leading up to receiving the works, Rusiate Lali spoke about his passion on the issue of ‘climate change’ and how it is affecting his island nation Fiji. 

He talks about the sea creatures that have no idea about what is going on - why is the temperature changing, and the water level going up, fish stock dropping? His passion is intense when talking about any animals that have a brain and eyes - that have the sense of smell and touch - so of course they have feelings… right! Humans know what is happening, but these creatures do not. Do we humans have a backup plan? For sharks, this is the last straw (just like the extinction of the dinosaur)….

Shark Attack

This artwork “Shark Attack” is about protecting the shark species, which I am feeling very concerned about. Sharks are being killed in the Pacific during the course of climate change. All I can say is, that for me as an artist, ‘climate change’ is real. I live in the forest, which is only five minutes from the shoreline… and I am witnessing the water rising - flooding our nation. 


Whoa… whooaaa… yes, see that is exactly how you would feel if there was a big Diria (eel), creeping up to you in the swamp. Diria is an eel, and very special as it also crawls on land with big major fangs, and is known to have eaten piglets, cats, mongoose and small creatures like that. On the left is the turtle. The turtle represents the indigenous race, a slow moving race that was not interested in technology or the economical structure that is happening now… we are just slow like a turtle, but one thing we have is that we really do care about the environment. We care about the spirit, we are just land loving people. Until the “big corporates” came in (which are represented by this big creature with the big head and the eyes), trying to engulf what we have in our tiny little island nation of Fiji. Meaning the natural resources, which economically is good for the country, I have you know … If this is the economics, there is something wrong with it …  it’s just that taking more and more and draining our natural resources; therefore damaging the country, causing climate change to be faster then what it is now. Qilaiso is just charcoals gathering together creating a big fire and engulfing into flames. This will be exhibited in London in September.

Kuita (Octopus)

This painting is called Kuita – Kuita is the octopus. Kuita the Fijian word is also when you smack someone, it comes from when you catch the octopus in the reef, the eight arms would smack you back on the hand. Now, as you can see, there is a hand here and it has the hammerhead sharks swimming around the hand. What this painting is talking about is the anger of the eco system on the reef that represents the blood on man’s hand - it is a representation of man draining the resources of the ocean. For me, it is a part of the climate change process as well because we are destroying all the eco systems of the reef, making it very like we are opening up for the waterways for the great flood to come through. Like I said, the exhibition is based on climate change and this is the work that I have done to depict this.

Vinivo (The Dress)

A message to all the big corporates/imperialism the bigger powers coming into country to consume our natural resources. Do not come into/use my country like a dress.


01 January 2018 - 31 December 2019

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Climate Change in The Pacific (London, 2017)

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