Rusiate Lali

Family and Influences

Rusiate comes from a distinguished artistic lineage. His grandmother Taraivini Wati was a renown Raku potter and one of the leading potters in Fiji, as well as being a university lecturer. Her work is featured on the saqamoli (Fijian one dollar coin) and a special edition postage stamp. One of her pieces is in the collection of the Canberra School of Art where she was invited in 1998 to give a workshop on traditional pottery making. His sister Ana Lavekau is the CEO and Founder at the London Pacific Fashion Ltd as well as a well known choreographer.

Rusiate was brought up by his grandmother and under her close tutelage was introduced to appreciating art at a very early age.


Pottery by Taravini Wati

Rusiate states his influences are many in the modernist tradition, ranging form Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Basquait and Picasso. His regard for these Masters reinforces a need to look at his ancestral roots and like Picasso he dips deep into the well to draw the totemic icons and patterns of his family. He indulges his pleasure in line, pattern and colour to reinforce his personal mythic stories. He also utilises the tool of erasure and scrapes back into the highly textured surfaces to reveal underlying structures and stories.

As a child he loved to draw and found it fascinating. He says: “At school I copied every diagram and was often asked by teachers to copy images for them onto the blackboard. In my spare time I loved to draw the fine detailing of insects, trees, leaves and found it easy to draw landscape.” His love of reading brought him into contact with European artists and he was particularly attracted to those who were themselves inspired by the strength of tribal art. It is not surprising that Picasso’s Cubism and vibrant palette, and Miro’s surreal linear explorations were of great interest to him. Like the tribal tradition on which he naturally draws, with its love of minimalist planes, bright colours, forceful expression and reference to the world of dream, these artists work confirmed for him a direction that was in fact part of his own artistic tradition.

He comments:” I admired Picasso’s colour combinations and the way he cut up the image… Miro’s work reminds me of what I like to do…create a world beyond the present.. with subtle things that may appear in dreams…” He says: “ I like the idea of being able to create something that lives outside the present, where I can fly like Peter Pan….be free and do what I like.”

Australian artists of interest to Rusiate include David Larwill who he admires for the “expressive use of thick pigment and the geometric”. He also loves the monumental scale of Annette Bezor’s women. “They are just amazing, you can almost smell them. These powerful images of women with large breasts and naked bodies make me feel very small and vulnerable.” Rusiate also likes the work of Aboriginal artist Dorothy Napangardi, whose work he finds very contemporary despite its tribal inspiration. He says:” She takes you away from traditional work using a flow of dotted lines that have a great human quality. They are wonderful because they are not precise and wander all over the picture.”


04 March - 31 October 2021

Rusiate Lali… Solo Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Extended: A fresh exciting online show for 2021 from the master painter in Fiji… from the sombre images of a pandemic that flashed around the world and out of the tears of 2020, we welcome you to the online Rusiate Lali Solo Exhibition 2021

17 August - 14 September 2019

Language of Love

Gallery Gondwana Fiji invites you to our exhibition showcasing works from two of Fiji’s leading artists… we welcome you to the… Language of Love….. An ancient tale since the heart of time…..

13 September - 20 November 2017

Climate Change in The Pacific (London, 2017)

Featuring Fijian Contemporary MultiMedia Artist ‘Rusiate Lali’ in an exhibition opening the Climate Change in The Pacific…

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