Rusiate Lali

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“Gods Tide”

Rusiate Lali - Gods Tide

"Gods Tide" by Rusiate Lali

Yah see Gods love for all is far more deeper than the oceans and his mighty presence is everywhere. Whenever your @ the beach just thank the Lord for his beautiful creation. If his hand has the powers to create the seas, then rest assured his hand will always guide yah and get u thru trials in life. I just want tah share with y’all this beautiful verse.

Proverbs 20: 5 the purpose in a mans heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.


“Avifauna migration”

Rusiate Lali - Avifauna migration WIP1C

Avifauna migration by Rusiate Lali

Avifauna migration
Birds of the mangrove region migrating towards the highlands to feed. Is this to do with climate change? The Eye! Resents how we’re seeing this..very unusual. Octopuss represents pollution caused by humans .

Gallery Gondwana are excited at the new works coming out of Rusiate Studio…


17 August - 14 September 2019

Language of Love

Gallery Gondwana Fiji invites you to our exhibition showcasing works from two of Fiji’s leading artists… we welcome you to the… Language of Love….. An ancient tale since the heart of time…..

01 January 2018 - 31 December 2019

Gallery Gondwana Exhibitions

We are excited to be planning our series of online exhibitions over the next 12 months… after the thought provoking “Climate Change in The Pacific” by Fiji’s leading multi-media artist Rusiate Lali, other exhibitions in the pipeline cover a varied range of topics that include some of our key…

13 September - 20 November 2017

Climate Change in The Pacific (London, 2017)

Featuring Fijian Contemporary MultiMedia Artist ‘Rusiate Lali’ in an exhibition opening the Climate Change in The Pacific…

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