Walala Tjapaltjarri


Walala Tjapaltjarri - Tingari Cycle

During the Tjukurrpa (Creation Era) Tingari ancestors beings gathered at a series of sites for Malliera (Initiation) Ceremonies. They traveled vast stretches of the country, performing rituals at specific sites that in turn created the diverse natural features of the environment. The Tingari men were accompanied by novices and usually followed by Tingari Women. The creation stories and rituals are venerated in the song cycles and ceremonies of today, forming part of the teachings of the post initiatory youths, whilst also providing explanations for contemporary customs.

Walala Tjapaltjarri uses a highly personalised and minimal style to represent aspects of the sacred Tingari Cycle, an epic journey of Ancestors of the TJukurrpa (Creation Era). He paints aspects of the Tingari Cycle which are associated with the artist’s many sacred sites – such as Wilkinkarra, Maruwa, Tarrku, Njami and Yarrawangu, to name a few. These are locations of significant rockholes, sandhills, sacred mountains and water soakages in the Gibson Desert.

Sculpture from the Tingari Cycle - Walala Tjapaltjarri & Campfire Group

Walala Tjapaltjarri Sculpture from the Tingari Cycle A collaboration with Campfire Group Artists, Brisbane

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