Abie Kemarre Loy

Utopia, NT

Abie demonstrates through her painting a fascinating portrayal of the country in which she lives. She has a wonderful, liberated style that is constantly evolving and an astonishing ability with colour.

Ada Bird Petyerre

Central Australia, Utopia, NT

Ada Bird Petyarre was a significant contributor of one of the most important art movements to emerge from the desert – “the Utopia Women”.

Alma Nungarrayi Granites

Yuendumu, NT

Alma Nungarrayi Granites paints many stories all of which have been passed down to her from her father and the generations before him. All her paintings tell creation stories that relate to the artists traditional country… “I want my art to tell the story of my ancestors and be able to show the…

Artist once known

Yirrkala, north east Arnhemland

The phrase “Artist once known” is oft used term when the name of the original artist is not known. This is often applied to older works, when the identity of the artist may not be known, but the origin of the artwork is known.

Barbara Napangarti Reid

Western Desert

Barbara Napangarti Reid’s paintings are beautiful depictions of place, paintings of the lands to which she is custodian and the songs that explain them. Characteristic for Barbara is the depiction of puli – rock formations, and tuli – sand hills…

Barney Campbell Tjakamarra

Walungurru (Kintore), Western Desert, NT

Barney Campbell Tjakamarra is of the Ngaanyatjarra language group, born circa 1928 at Kaylilwarra south Warbuton in the Gibson Desert of Western Australia and is a well respected Pintupi Law-Man.

Betsy Napangardi Lewis

Central & Western Deserts

Betsy is the older sister of Dorothy Napangardi. She lived a traditional lifestyle walking around Mina Mina with her family until she was approximately 14 years old.

Betty West

Betty West was born in Warburton in the late 1940’s. During her childhood she attended Warburton Mission School. Betty still lives in the Ranges with her husband and family. Betty started painting in the early 1980’s and her works are included in number of collections throughout Australia…

Billy Benn Perrurle

Harts Range, NT

As one of Australia’s most beloved outsider artists, Billy Benn’s work has attained such a significant and unique place in the Aboriginal art market. Since joining Bindi Inc in 1981, he had been painting his father’s country, working from memory to create a visual map of country that he has not…

Bonita Nungurrayi Williams

Bonita Nungurrayi Williams was born in Alice Springs in 1971. She has spent most of her life in Alice Springs apart from some of the time travelling in Western Australia. Bonita has been painting for about eight years and learnt from her mother who is also an artist. Her mother’s country is Ti Tree…

Buthimang Dhurrkay

This artist is of the Wangurri clan from the remote northeast Arnhem land of Galiwinku on Elcho Island.

Cecina Mardjuwa

The artist Cecina Mardjuwa known for her intricate and delicate fishtrap weaving. She is from the Burrara people who are from the Blyth and Cadell River regions of Central and North-central Arnhem Land, but many who now reside further west in Maningrida township at the mouth of the Liverpool River.

Cindy Nakamarra Gibson

Cindy is the daughter of strong cultural law woman and artist, Mitjili Napanangka Gibson. Cindy paintings has its own beautiful and colourful expression, whilst showing her pride in the influence of her mother…

Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi

Eastern Desert

My country is called Arnumarra, that is my grandfather’s country… Colleen is well known for her Dreamtime Sisters, dancing Awelye (women’s ceremony), protecting country…

Debra Wurrkidj

Arnhem Land

Born in 1971 at Maningrida in north-central Arnhem Land, Deborah is well known for her fibre weaving, bark painting, woodcarving and printmaking.

Delilah Freddy Puruntatameri

Melville Island, Tiwi Islands

Delilah is the daughter of the late renowned artist Paddy Freddy Puruntatameri, and sister to leading Tiwi carvers Patrick Freddy Puruntatameri and Matthew Freddy Puruntatameri.

Dhuwarrwarr Marika

Arnhem Land

Dhuwarrwarr Marika is a senior Yolngu woman from East Arnhem Land, a member of the Rirratjingu clan and part of a family ‘dynasty’ whom are accomplished artists and passionate advocates of indigenous rights. As a senior states person for her people, Dhuwarrwarr has been on numerous local and…

Don Nakadilinj Namundja

Arnhem Land

Nakadilinj holds a knowledge of traditional law and the focal site of his clan’s land, Mankorlod, (more specifically the site of his name-sake (Na)kadilinj).

Dorothy Napangardi

Central Desert, Western Desert

One of the leading artists of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement, Napangardi’s work is highly sought after by both collectors and curators worldwide. Her paintings and prints have been widely exhibited and are in all national collections within Australia and in major collections worldwide…

Dr George Tjapaltjarri

Gibson Desert, WA

Dr George paintings possess a wonderful rawness and boldness, conveying his strong, continuous association with his traditional country, ceremonies and the application of body paint designs.

Dymphna Kerinauia

Melville Island, Tiwi Islands

Dymphna Kerinauia is a strong cultural woman from Tamulampi region of Melville Island that is part of the Tiwi Islands, on the northern tip of Australia. Her Skin group is Anjiluwi (Rain) and her Dance is Tartuwali (Shark).

Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra

Walungurru (Kintore), Western Desert, NT

After the death of her father, Elizabeth was raised by her stepfather Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula and uncle Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula, both esteemed artists of the Papunya Tula art movement.

Elizabeth Nyumi Nungurrayi


This artwork depicts the country known as Parwalla, dominated by tali (sand hills). This is her father’s country, located far to the south of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert, west of Kiwirrkurra.

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

An artist who started painting in her eighties, Emily Kame Kngwarreye emerged during the 1990s as one of Australia’s leading painters of modern times.

Freda Warlapinni

Melville Island, Tiwi Islands

Born in the bush on her own country Mirrikawuyanga on Melville Island, Freda is a woman of seeming contradiction, forceful and frail, her strength of spirit belied her petite physical appearance and age. Freda’s paintings too are something more than they appear to be, evolving over time into a…

Gary Smith

Gary Smith was born 1976 of the Djinang language from the Marrangu clan of Maningrida in the Northern Territory. He is from the Djowinge moiety from Galitjapan.

Gracie Pwerle (Purle) Morton

A highly regarded contemporary Australian artist, Gracie began her painting career in the 1980’s at Utopia working initially with batik before transposing her designs onto canvas. Gracie has a distinctively minimalist style, highlighted by delicate dotting and a traditional palette. The finesse…

Janelle Napaltjarri Stockman

Arnkawenyerr, Utopia

Janelle Napaltjarri Stockman is granddaughter of one of the key founding members of the Papunya Tula movement, Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri. An extremely talented artist with a soaring career in front of her, Janelle was tragically killed in a car accident in 2009 at 33 years of age. Her life was…

Jean Baptiste Apuatimi

Melville Island, Tiwi Islands

Jean Baptiste immersed herself in making art and gradually forged a radical individual style… “recognisable for its gestural verve, audacious jilamara and oscillation between figuration and conceptual abstraction. The potency of her innovative aesthetic derives from both its compositional…

Jeannie Nakamarra Daniels


Jeannie Nakamarra Daniels is of the Warlpiri language group. She was born circa 1956 on Mount Doreen station just west of Yuendumu. Jeannie is married and has two children called Michael and Siddy and at last count had nine grandchildren. Jeannie has lived most of her life in Balgo Hills and has…


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