Regional Differences in art styles

Art of the Western Desert

Western Desert Art has developed through a number of phases over the years which have been marked by changes in style, technique, type of imagery and even palette. The very early years from 1971 –…

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Art of Central Australian Desert

Central Desert Art Some 30 0kms north of Alice Springs in 1983 in the traditional land of the Warlpiri, there emerged Central Desert Art or alternatively known as Yuendumu Art. Unlike its sister…

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Art of the Eastern Desert

The Eastern Desert Art community of Utopia, home to both the Anmatjera and Alywerreye language groups. Located some 230 kms north-east of Alice Springs, Utopia arose out of a vast cattle property and…

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Art of the Tiwi

Tiwi art and culture The art of the Tiwi people in Melville and Bathurst Islands is unique. About 1500 to 1600 people currently speak the Tiwi language - a sign of cultural strength and continuity in…

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The Watercolour tradition of Central Australia

‘Albert Namatjira used light in a dramatic, but not theatrical way. He used it as an all-revealing, all encompasing presence. His distances are not backgrounds, but integral parts of the…

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