Shining Forth - Colour Power

01 - 30 April 2018

Welcome to our Shining Forth - Colour Power Exhibition. This exhibition….. Proudly presenting the following artists Mitjili Napanangka Gibson, Geraldine Nowee, Judy Napangardi Watson, Pamela Napurrurla Walker and Linda Napurrurla Walker, Alma Nungarrayi Granites, Jorna Napurrurla Nelson, Elizabeth Nyumi, Margaret Baragurra, Bessie Liddle, Abie Loy Kemarre, Kathleen Ngale…

Shining Forth - Colour Power Exhibition proudly present works by some of Australia’s leading aboriginal artists. These selected works from Gallery Gondwana, highlight the use of colour, from intimate to bold, from delicate to kapow… 

The artists include Mitjili Napanangka Gibson, Jeannie Nakamarra Daniels, Geraldine Nowee, Greeny Purvis, Judy Napangardi Watson, Pamela Napurrurla Walker and Linda Napurrurla Walker, Tommy Watson, Jorna Napurrurla Nelson, Elizabeth Nyumi, Margaret Baragurra, Abie Loy Kemarre, Kathleen Ngale

Shining Forth - Colour Power
This exhibition highlight the variety of dynamic styles and unbridled colour that dominates indigenous art today.

Whilst there are many familiar names - Judy Napangardi Watson, Yannima Tommy Watson and Lucy Napanangka Yukenbarri, to name three. It is enthralling to discover younger artists stamping their presences including Eileen Napaltjarri, Lance Peck, Keith Stevens, Sylvia Ken and Tjungkara Ken.

What is interesting about these artists, and it’s a point Raffan makes well, is that even though they might not seem on the surface to be depicting journeys across country, if the paintings are read correctly then the ongoing connection to land becomes apparent, as does the connection to tribal law, which is often present even in the most decorative of their paintings. One of the most exciting artists, and one whose work reflects the melding of the old and the new, is Sally Gabori. She uses expressive abstract techniques on large linen canvases, often as much as three metres wide by two metres high.

Power + Colour: New Painting from the Corrigan Collection of 21st-Century Aboriginal Art more than lives up to its title. Its main theme has two elements vital to indigenous art; tribal law and the continually stunning and inventive use of colour to depict country and culture.

Featured Artists

Abie Kemarre Loy

Utopia, NT

Abie demonstrates through her painting a fascinating portrayal of the country in which she lives. She has a wonderful, liberated style that is constantly evolving and an astonishing ability with colour.

Dr George Tjapaltjarri

Gibson Desert, WA

Dr George paintings possess a wonderful rawness and boldness, conveying his strong, continuous association with his traditional country, ceremonies and the application of body paint designs.

Judy Napangardi Watson

Yuendumu, NT

Born at Yarungkanji, Mt. Doreen Station (west of Yuendumu), Judy Napangardi Watson is a senior Warlpiri female painter. A woman of incredible energy that is transmitted to her work through her dynamic use of colour, and energetic “dragged dotting” style. She is at the forefront of a move…

Mitjili Napanangka Gibson

Kiwirrkurra (Gibson Desert), WA

When Miltjili was a young girl, her aunties would tell her stories about her country and the Jukurrpa or Dreaming stories associated with Mina Mina, a sacred site for Napanangka’s and Napangardi’s.

Cindy Nakamarra Gibson

Cindy is the daughter of strong cultural law woman and artist, Mitjili Napanangka Gibson. Cindy paintings has its own beautiful and colourful expression, whilst showing her pride in the influence of her mother…

Tommy Watson

Tommy Watson is a senior Pitjantjatara elder and Law man of Karima (Karimara​) skin group. His given names of Yannima and Pikarli relate to specific sites near Anumarapiti.​ During his lifetime he was described by one critic as “the greatest living painter of the Western Desert”​.

Yulyurlu Lorna Fencer Napurrurla

Lorna Fencer Napurrurla is one of the key Lajamanu artists, celebrated for her exciting and vibrant paintings… born out of her individualistic streak, coupled with strong self-belief and an equally strong sense of self-worth, all of which informed her visual arts practice, driving her on to…

Kathleen Ngale

Utopia, NT

An amazing energetic elderly artist, she experimented with colour and brush strokes in creating works that had energy and intensity, and canvases that exuded clouds of luminosity, celebrating the seasons and productivity of her country…

Geraldine Nowee

Arnhem Land

Geraldine is a powerful young painter and her work has grown from strength to strength since she started in 2002. The various flowers, seeds and bush tucker that can be seen within her work dominate the region at various times of years. ​

Jorna Napurrurla Nelson

Yuendumu, NT

Jorna painted her mother and father’s Jukurrpa stories and Dreamings which relate directly to her country. These stories, as was the tradition were passed down to her by her parents and their parents before them for millennia. Her paintings were generally stories about sacred sites, animals and…

Greeny Purvis Petyarre

Utopia, NT

Born in the 1930’s, Greeny Purvis Petyarre is a tribal elder and ceremonial leader of his country, Alhalkere. He is a very spiritual painter with an intimate understanding and love of his country, with his most recognised and predominate body of works, depicting the root system of the pencil yam…

Pamela Napurrurla Walker

Yuendumu, NT

Pamela’s paintings have strong iconic themes that are colourful and bold. She paints her father’s jurkurrpa, Dreamings which relate directly to her land, its features and the plants and animals that inhabit it. These stories were told to her by her father, stories that have been passed down…

Linda Napurrurla Walker

Yuendumu, NT

Linda commenced painting for Warlukurlangu Artists in late 1980’s. Her paintings are bright, colourful and bold, with strong iconic themes, often reflecting her passion for hunting for traditional foods in the bush surrounding Yuendumu with a group of women. Her main stories is Yarla (Bush…

Elizabeth Nyumi Nungurrayi


This artwork depicts the country known as Parwalla, dominated by tali (sand hills). This is her father’s country, located far to the south of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert, west of Kiwirrkurra.

Margaret Baragurra

Great Sandy Desert, WA

Margaret Baraburra paintings is known for combining traditional designs from the Great Sandy Desert with the vibrant colours of the saltwater landscape of the Kimberley. Her artwork has enjoyed critical acclaim and she has been widely exhibited. Her work evokes powerful memories of her country in…



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