Art of Fiji

Artwork of Fiji

For the many fans of Fijian art, we will be bringing here to you soon, some of the works by current and past artists of Fiji.

When you go and visit the beautiful country of Fiji, make sure you check us out at Gallery Gondwana Fiji and Artist Studio, which is operated by acclaimed local artist Rusiate Lali, who is showcasing not only his own collection of works, but also a range of works by other urban and rural artists from Fiji.

The gallery will exhibit a range of medium including paintings on canvas, tapa, ink on paper, oil and ink, wood carving, Raku pottery. The eclectic art on display show the many influences of the Fijian artists, reflecting on the culture both past and present, and looking to the future. From religious iconography, Fijian symbolism, to modern interpretation of what makes Fiji what it is today, we are excited by what is currently produced by today’s artists in Fiji.

Rusiate Lali


Stunning Melanesian Aesthetic Energized with Powerful Modernist Expression… Rusiate Lali is a man of his times. Coming from a long lineage of potters, carvers, tapa cloth and fibre artists, Rusiate is one of the most exciting and provocative artists to exhibit at Gallery Gondwana. In 1999 he was…

Deve Tareguci

Rewa, Fiji, Tailevu, Fiji

Deve Tareguci is the grandson of internationally famous Raku potter Taraivini Wati, from Nasilei village, Rewa Delta. Before she died his grandmother shook Deve’s hand and said he would be an artist…

Irami Buli

“Art is not about portraying a perfect picture. For me it’s more a self-portrait of who you don’t know. The more I dwell within me the more curious I became about the millions of things I don’t know about myself.”

Josaia W McNamara

Naitasiri, Fiji

I consider myself as a visionary artist, as my inspirations derive from the foundation of three basic principles, which are inspired and influenced by Fijian culture, Catholicism and spiritualism. I believe that art is a form and way of life. It is universal. It has the potential and power to…