Kuniya Snake Dreaming, 2000

Artist: Barbara Napangarti Reid

Region: Western Desert

Medium/Type: Painting

Size: 92 x 92 cm
(Artwork can be rotated)

Catalogue Number: 5332BR

Price: Enquire

Kuniya in the Western Desert language describes a “carpet snake” (Morelia spilota) found in the sandy desert country. 

This beautiful work by Barbara Reid, Kuniya Snake Dreaming is a creation story that come from a network of Snake Dreaming that stretch hundreds of kilometres through Central Australia into Western Australia. Kuniya Snake Dreaming is associated with Tjukurla, Gibson Desert. The story is about a non-venomous Kuniya woman and her nephew and their battle with a poisonous western brown snake. In the battle they are transformed into wanampi (rainbow snake/water snake).

Barbara Napangarti Reid

Region: Western Desert

Barbara Napangarti Reid’s paintings are beautiful depictions of place, paintings of the lands to which she is custodian and the songs that explain them. Characteristic for Barbara is the depiction of puli – rock formations, and tuli – sand hills…

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