Dreamtime Sisters

Artist: Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi

Region: Eastern Desert

Medium/Type: Painting

Size: 44 x 44 cm

Catalogue Number: 11092CW

Price: $440


This painting depicts the Dreamtime Sisters, who are good spirits that the Eastern Arrernte call ‘Irrernte-arenye’. These spirits who are said to be the first people on earth during the creation time, dance the Awelye (women’s ceremony) as they look after and protect Arnumarra (country) and guard the sacred sites.

Colleen Wallace is well known for her series of Dreamtime Sisters, painted in a style made famous by her aunt Kathleen Wallace, who passed permission to paint this style to Colleen. As a self-taught artist, Colleen previously had painted stories belonging to her father’s country further north.

Colleen’s artworks are painted in fine detail, with exuberant colourful dots forming the background for the soft, lithe spirit figures that sway and dance on top.

Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi

Region: Eastern Desert

My country is called Arnumarra, that is my grandfather’s country… Colleen is well known for her Dreamtime Sisters, dancing Awelye (women's ceremony), protecting country…

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