Karntakurlangu Jukurrpa 2 (Women’s Dreaming 2)

Artist: Dorothy Napangardi

Region: Central Desert

Medium/Type: Limited Edition Print

Size: 63 x 79 cm

Catalogue Number: DN-12

Price: Enquire

Date: 2004
Catalogue No: DN-12
Limited Edition: 50
Image Size: 46 x 59 cm
Paper size: 79 x 63 cm
Medium: Color soap ground and sugar lift aquatints 
Paper: Somerset Satin White
Produced at: Crown Point Press, San Francisco
Printer: Crown Point Press
Publisher: Crown Point Press

This is another etching on this important subject of women’s connection to the country of Mina Mina.

Digging Sticks are very important for women as they are used as a utilitarian object when hunting and collecting food but also in ceremonies that correspond to abundance and fertility. They are often placed in a hole in the centre of the sand paintings on the ceremonial ground and painted with ochre.

In the Dreaming it is the songs that Napangardi/Napanangka women sang that caused the Desert Oak trees to come out of the ground, creating the first digging sticks at the site of Mina Mina in the western desert

Dorothy Napangardi

Regions: Central Desert, Western Desert

One of the leading artists of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement, Napangardi’s work is highly sought after by both collectors and curators worldwide. Her paintings and prints have been widely exhibited and are in all national collections within Australia and in major collections worldwide including most recently the MET, New York. Napangardi had the honour of being the 2nd indigenous artist to be given a solo survey exhibition at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Sydney that traced 11 years of her painting career in 1991.

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