Bow River Country

Artist: Freddie Timms

Region: Kimberley, WA

Medium/Type: Limited Edition Print

Size: 50 x 50 cm

Catalogue Number: FT 29/50

Price: Enquire

Date: 2006
Catalogue No: FT 29/50
Limited Edition: 50
Image Size: 50 cm x 50 cm
Paper: White rice paper / grey printing paper
Medium: Aquatint etching with blind emboss and chine collé
Printer & Collaborator: Leon Stainer

This print shows Bow River running from top to bottom with Mule Creek running into it from the side. In the centre of the work is an important waterhole called Goorragagoora, the place of the storm bird or Channel Billed Cuckoo. When the artist was a boy of about ten, his parents were working at Bow River Station. During the wet season there was trouble between the European managers of Bow River and the managers of the neighbouring station Lissadell. Timm’s father took his family including the artist and his sister and two brothers and ran away. They hid in the hills on Bow River for about three weeks. They did not go back to work at Bow River. After that they kept walking and eventually went to work at Lissadell. The artist has a very clear memory of hiding up in the hills and walking and camping on the way to Lissadell. Today the community including the artist’s family, own the lease of Bow River Station.

One plate was used to create this print with blue, black and red inks applied to the one plate.

The white central feature is known as a ‘deep-bite emboss’ or ‘blind emboss’ print. The image was bitten into the plate deeply and then printed, without ink, on to damp paper.

This print was created on a white rice paper on a grey printing paper; an unusual example of chine collé.

The chine collé is a printmaking technique whereby the image is printed on to a light delicate paper adhered to a stronger, supporting paper. Chine collé allows the printmaker to print on delicate surfaces, such as Japanese paper or linen, which pulls finer details off the plate.

Freddie Timms

Region: Kimberley, WA

Recognised as one of the senior Kimberley painters, artist Freddie Timms created beautiful sparse paintings in bold ochre colours of his Kimberley homeland. They are minimalist ‘aerial’ / map view of country…

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