Pirlinyanu Dreaming

Artist: Julie Nangala Robinson

Region: Central Desert

Medium/Type: Painting

Size: 198 x 61 cm
(Artwork can be rotated)

Catalogue Number: 14214JR

Price: Enquire

This painting is about an important Water Dreaming site in the Tanami Desert. It is a rocky outcrop known as Pirlinyanu.

It is significant as it provides fresh drinking water all of the year. There are many stories associated with the power of this site, including a love story about a very virile man searching for his loved one.

You can see on miles and miles from the top of this site. When travelling west it is rarely featureless landscape but striking with the light through giant grey spinifex grass and very large termite moulds that are scattered like sculptures throughout.

As the unsealed road that takes you from Yuendumu to Nyrripi outstation, continuing onto Mina Mina, the artist’s mother’s country means forging a track through the spinifex which is highly flammable and travelling a small distance each day. As we have discovered although that is laborious it is not the hardest part. That is finding the passage through the sand hills as they are shifting and moving all the time.

An important water source in this inhospitable country is highly revered.

This dreaming belongs to those of the Nangala/Jangala and those of the Nampijinpa/Jampijinpa kinship group (skin).

Julie Nangala Robinson

Region: Yuendumu, NT

Julie is the traditional custodian of her country Pirlinyanu, a land of rocky outcrops and deep water springs. It is a water dreaming site (Ngapa Jukurrpa) near Mina Mina.

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