Ancestral Spirit near Lake Mackay

Artist: Linda Syddick Napaltjarri

Region: Western Desert

Medium/Type: Painting

Size: 42 x 57 cm

Catalogue Number: 2620LS

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Title: Ancestral Spirit near Lake Mackay
Date: 1996
Country: Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) / Western Desert

The Tingari Dreaming story is about the ancestral spirit beings, who went on very long journeys, creating much of the desert landscape in Central Australia, and instructing the people about law and custom. Linda paints country mostly around Lake MacKay, which for thousands of years has been central to the cultural and spiritual life of the Pintupi people. The people used to camp around the shores of Lake Mackay during their seasonal journeys across country and gather there for ceremonies. Lake Mackay is a large dry salt lake, which straddles the WA-NT border, northwest of Kintore. It is where Linda was born and travelled across for most of her early childhood. 

Linda Syddick Napaltjarri

Regions: Gibson Desert, WA, Western Desert

Just as the Dreaming connects all of life, Linda herself incorporates contemporary events into the Dreaming…

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