Artist: Mitjili Napanangka Gibson

Region: Western Desert

Medium/Type: Painting

Size: 152 x 122 cm
(Artwork can be rotated)

Catalogue Number: 9962MN

Price: Enquire

This painting is about getting snake vine (Ngalyipi) from where they grow around the sand hills of Lake MacKay and splitting the vine to make traditional rope or twine. Traditionally, the bark is torn into long strips that are plaited together to form sandals that could be used when the sand was very hot or when there were fields of sharp broken stones to walk upon. The snake vine (Ngalyipi) was an important component in certain ceremonies.

Wilkinkarra is Lake Mackay itself. Mitjili says that this was a walkabout place for them. The dreaming story that exists on the lake that she can talk about to some degree, concerns a Tjapangardi man who spins a hair string from hair, “Like this one on my head

Mitjili Napanangka Gibson

Region: Kiwirrkurra (Gibson Desert), WA

When Miltjili was a young girl, her aunties would tell her stories about her country and the Jukurrpa or Dreaming stories associated with Mina Mina, a sacred site for Napanangka’s and Napangardi’s.

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