Lalini Rusiate Lali 1886

Gallery Gondwana is excited to partner with Lalini and the Lalini Collection to bring to you some exciting designs on fabric by leading contemporary multi-media Fijian artist Rusiate Lali. 

From the great reception at the 2016 London Pacific Fashion Show (by the London Pacific Fashion Collective) Rusiate celebrates the female form in ‘The Lalini Collection‘…

Lalini arises from a place that is about loving nature, the natural world around us, the trees and forests, plants and the creatures that share this planet with us. It is about family, it is about art, it is about creation the past, the present and the future All of these things that bring us joy, love and happiness.

The four garments were called Takeinivula, Turakawa, Red Star, and a multi-functional piece called Sea & Red Earth.

Following on from this successful unveiling, some of the Lalini fashion pieces from the London Pacific Fashion Show plus additional works, appeared in the Alice Springs Spring/Summer Fashion Show presented by the Forkleaf Project.

Lalini Collection - Artist Rusiate Lali - Designer Gallery Gondwana