Indigenous Boundary

Artist: Rusiate Lali

Medium/Type: Painting

Size: 112 x 137 cm

Catalogue Number: 10339RB

Price: Enquire

The boundary between indigenous people and the west is reflected in the boundary between what is revealed outside of one’s culture and what is hidden. In keeping with the tradition of indigenous people to show only some of their cultural secrets to the outside world.

First shown in Rusiate Lali Crossroads exhibition, now released from the Gallery Gondwana Collection.

Rusiate Lali

Region: Fiji

Stunning Melanesian Aesthetic Energized with Powerful Modernist Expression… Rusiate Lali is a man of his times. Coming from a long lineage of potters, carvers, tapa cloth and fibre artists, Rusiate is one of the most exciting and provocative artists to exhibit at Gallery Gondwana. In 1999 he was named 'Contemporary Fijian Artist of the Year' - his work was a sensuous mix of past and present, myth and reality. With a number of solo and group exhibitions under his belt, and a body of work that continues to grow, evolve and surprise, every new exhibition is eagerly anticipated. His step into the high end fashion world of London in 2016 saw his experimental pieces adorned the catwalk models, then the Spring/Summer fashion show in Alice Springs the same year, saw his paintings transformed into wearable art and fashion. The following year 2017 saw his London Exhibition Climate Change in the Pacific as the opening of the 13th London Pacific Fashion Week…

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