Sugar Glider

Artist: Don Nakadilinj Namundja

Region: Arnhem Land

Medium/Type: Limited Edition Print

Size: 19 x 14 cm

Catalogue Number: PRINTBH-100DN

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Catalogue No: PRINTBH-100DN
Image Size: 14 cm x 19 cm
Limited Edition: 100
Medium: Etching and aquatint
Plate Drawn & Etched: Darwin, November 2005
Date Completed: January, 2006
Hand Printed By: Monique Auricchio
Publisher: Basil Hall Editions, Darwin
Collection: Collectors’ Folio Series 1 – Arnhem Land Australia

For this etching, Don worked in Darwin on the main zinc plate by painting his glider with a traditional hair brush and sugar lift. The design was then etched in acid and transferred to a second plate, allowing a second colour to be used (the yellow) for the body of the animal.

Don Nakadilinj Namundja’s language is Kunwinjku and he lives and works at Oenpelli in Western Arnhem Land and at a bush camp called Gudjamandi. Although he had his first solo show as recently as 2004, he has already been hung in the Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait lslander Art Awards and has been collected by the National Gallery of Australia.

Don works in ochres on bark and paper, and he has made three etchings at Basil Hall Editions. His signature images are animals such as possum, sugar glider and flying fox, which are important within Kardbam clan mythology and reference an important area for his clan in Central Arnhem Land.

Don Nakadilinj Namundja

Region: Arnhem Land

Nakadilinj holds a knowledge of traditional law and the focal site of his clan’s land, Mankorlod, (more specifically the site of his name-sake (Na)kadilinj).

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