Hunting at Yardanggarlum

Medium/Type: Limited Edition Print

Size: 102 x 76 cm

Catalogue Number: PM43

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Date: 1995
Catalogue No: PM43
Image Size: 59 cm x 93.6 cm
Paper Size: 76.2 cm x 102.6 cm
Print Type: Planographic
Technique: Lithograph, printed in colour, from multiple plates
Printer: Franck Gohier
Publisher: Northern Territory University, Darwin, 2007

This print shows an event from the artist’s own life when he was hunting at Yardanggarlm (Dingo Springs) near Lake Argyle, Western Australia. The artist tells the story as follows: “A long time ago I used to go hunting at Yardanggarlm. This time I went hunting with my dog. I went hunting there. I was looking for bush turkeys, kangaroos, anything. I found a turkey but I had no bullets for my rifle. No gun, no anything. So I got my dog to get the turkey. He jumped down from my car. He ran underneath the car, chasing a big goanna. He ended up getting that goanna and then I sent him after the turkey. He jumped and grabbed the turkey by the leg and pulled him down. He grabbed him just when he was ready to fly away”. The print show’s the artist’s dog grabbing the turkey’s leg as he tried to fly away. Around the two animals the artist has shown the hills and waterfalls in Yardanggarlm country as seen from the sky. He has put the dog and the turkey “on top of the land” so they can be seen. He said if he had shown them in their actual size they would be “just a little spot”.