Tingari events at Lake MacKay (Tingari - White Diptych)

Artist: Walala Tjapaltjarri

Region: Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) / Western Desert

Medium/Type: Limited Edition Print

Size: 56 x 121 cm

Catalogue Number: PRINT-WT.white

Price: Enquire

Title: Tingari events at Lake MacKay (Tingari - White Diptych)
Catalogue No: PRINT-WT.white
Limited Edition: 50
Image Size: 51 cm x 73 cm
Paper size: 121 cm x 56 cm
Screens created: 2000
Medium: Screenprint
Paper: Arches Cover (White)
Studio: Northern Editions, NTU, Darwin NT
Printer: Northern Editions
Publisher: Gallery Gondwana

In this beautifully subtle white work, the subject is associated with a Jukurrpa (Dreaming) event in the Tingari Cycle, which is related to the site of Wilkinkarra (the great salt lake of Lake Mackay) in Western Australia where Walala and his family lived a traditional lifestyle until 1984. The quiet intensity of Tjapaltjarri’s rectangular forms seem to have a life of their own, creating movement not only up and down but through the entirety of the screenprint.

Walala has depicted his country (claypans) near Lake Mackay in WA. Walala paints the Tingari Cycle, which is a series of sacred and secret songlines. These Tingari are associated with his Dreaming sites at Marua, Mintarpi, Mina Mina, Naami, Lake Mackay and Yarrawangu, which are all in the Gibson Desert.

The Tingari song and dance cycles are the most secret and sacred of the deeply religious rituals of the Western Desert Tribes of Central Australia. In the Dreamtime a group of old men moved continuously from waterhole to waterhole throughout the western desert. They were accompanied by novices and initiated men who were still undergoing ceremonies of instruction at various sites designated by the Tingari men.

These rituals consisted of hundreds of song and dance cycles telling of the travels and adventures of the Tingari, their creation of sacred sites and fertility rites, the significance of body designs and decorations made of woven human hair .

Walala Tjapaltjarri

Region: Kiwirrkurra (Gibson Desert), WA

Walala began abstracting the classical Pintupi designs, creating a highly graphic language to speak of his country and ceremonial sites. The rectangles so prominent in his paintings form both a physical and spiritual map…

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