Western MacDonnell Ranges

Region: Central Australia

Medium/Type: Water Colour

Size: 51 x 37 cm

Catalogue Number: WATWR-1

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Wenton’s exquisite watercolours depict scenes of the Western MacDonnell ranges, Palm Valley, Hermannsburg, ghost gum trees – all following the Dreaming mythology.

Wenten Rubuntja (also known as Wenton) was a well-known artist and Aboriginal rights activist, awarded an AM for his work protecting sacred sites and educating non-indigenous people about the notion of sacred sites and their meaning as their importance to Aboriginal people was poorly understood by the broader community. 

One of his Western Desert style paintings hangs in the Catholic Church in Alice Springs, done for the Pope’s special mass for Aboriginal Christians. He also designed the stained glass windows of the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs. When his community responsibilities permitted, Wenton painted both Hermannsburg landscapes and paintings using traditional designs. 

Albert Namatjira was his father’s cousin and their fathers had shared the country around Palm Valley known as Ilyape, a Honey Ant Dreaming site. Namatjira called himself Wenten’s uncle, and taught him to paint in response to the boy’s interest.

Title: Western MacDonnell Ranges
Born: c 1923 - 2005
Language: Arrernte
Catalogue No: WATWR-1
Medium: Watercolour
Size: 51 x 37 cm